I’m Quinta, an university student in Montreal rehashing the writings of my youth. I’ve just quit my job in an effort to fully immerse myself in life (i.e. School, friends, my passions), and writing is an old flame that I’d love to reconnect with. What you’ll be seeing in my blogs is my adult interpretations and comments of my 12 year-old self’s posts. You’ll get to see just how much damage 5-6 years can do…

Hi !

I’m really new to all this blogging stuff! So what you will be experiencing when you read this blog is everyday life of mine. Not too exciting, huh! Shall I do some back flips ? Perhaps some juggling? 😉 Anyways, I might even add some guest writers! So extremely exciting.

Should I tell you a bit about myself? Here I go, (hopefully y’all aren’t stalkers…) well I am currently attending school and am ready to take a leap with my writing. I might add I writing page where we can all submit our work and people can make comments.

O.K! That’s the bit I’m going to let you know, for now!

Bye-Bye! Peace and love! Hugs and Kisses! Au Revoir!


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