Bucket List

Looking at this, I realize that I am a much less cool person than I was. Or maybe my interests have simply changed? At least 5-10 items off this list have I have absolutely no interest in actually doing… Like, did I actually think I was going to go to Asia? Irrational fears, as irrational as they may be, do stick. Cross that off the list. Have I accomplished anything from the list? Well, the answer is: sorta. The sky-diving/ zero-gravity tank thing is happening in February when my sister comes to visit. Since I moved to Montreal and discovered we have an indoor sky-diving tank, we’ve both been interested. I have also made it through some schooling; you’re reading the thoughts of a high school graduate! Woo. And, as I said in my introduction, I am a university student. Also, #7 has very plausibly been achieved as well. Over the span of my life I have donated and fundraised for many different causes, which in itself should amount to about $1000, but also for the past six months I worked as a telephone fundraiser. A day’s work could mean $200-$300 for charities like UNICEF, Red Cross, the CCS, and CAS. Go me.

Anyways, stay tuned.

Here’s something interesting I found on a fellow blog. A Bucket List. I think it was super awesome and I hope that all of us bloggers can take a stand and make a bucket list.

My Bucket List

  1. Go sky-diving in a zero gravity tank.
  2. Get rid of my fear of Asia (not the people just the country because, well, I don’t know! It’s an irrational fear !)
  3. Take a trip to Asia
  4. Write a book and publish it
  5. Visit Italy to gobble up all of their food
  6. Make it back to my motherland (actually my father’s motherland)
  7. Donate a thousand dollars
  8. Make it through some sort of schooling
  9. Attempt the art of cheffing
  10. Get some cool badge or some thing that I can flaunt around (like a black belt of ninjahood. Cool right?)
  11. Float in the Dead Sea
  12. Climb a pyramid
  13. Travel the world to learn about food

A continuation of my list will appear briefly. For now, what would you do?


6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. gymbugy21 says:

    Ahh I have many of your dreams also! Such as #1 and 4, exept for #1 I want to actually jump out of an airplane… You know what… May I write a blog about this? (I will definatly credit you!!)


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