I Was Born In CANada

This old blog post of mine is sweetly inspiring.

The critic in me wants to comment on its naivety and centricity around western culture, but…

If we’ve got the privilege, why not do something great with it?

Today as I was musing with my friend over lunch, I half-jokingly proposed a book idea to her. She said, “You know what? Why don’t you write that book? You could.”

Never had I ever found such a mundane thought so inspiring. Throughout the day, I came up with more and more ideas. For example my hermit house. Who besides myself could create such an idea from spying a home with a wall covered in ivy slowly creeping into its windows? Maybe you. Perhaps, you, at the same moment as I, decided that it could be one of your life long dreams to build a small cottage in a forested area or even a small farm property, just to leave and be covered in ivy. A cottage that, at some point in our insubstantial lives, you could share with your children or find an escape from life for awhile.

You know what? I was born in CANada and however crazy my dreams may be, I can make them happen. I can make them happen. This is just a reminder to all of you out there, You make your dreams happen. We all just need that lunch-musing friend to remind us of that.

The Netherlands are Liberal AF

IMG_0319This isn’t actually a post from way back in my day. I’m making an exception today because taking so many philosophy and ethics courses for my psych degree has given me so many interesting viewpoints and information. A prof of mine mentioned infant euthanasia in passing during our lecture on abortion, and there were instant indignant reactions from a few people in the class. It is a course on sexual ethics, composed of one male prof, 95% female pupils, and about 2 pro-lifers. Well, all two of them got riled up upon its mention. I thought it was a good example of how the divide between pro-choice and pro-life movements sometimes causes us to be blinded by our own perspective and not be skeptically open to new information. What did those two pro-lifers really know about policy in the Netherlands on infant euthanasia? The obvious look of surprise on their faces showed just how much. Maybe, by our own religious standards/morals, we are not open to abortion or even euthanasia, but whereIMG_0314 does that level of outright hate and outrage come from with absolutely no information?

When I actually went to look at the laws myself (on the Government of the Netherlands website), I wasn’t surprised. The Netherlands are extremely liberal, which I personally find admirable. Anyways, the laws are for suffering newborns, destined to live very painful lives with no improvement of condition. To actually get approval for infant euthanasia, one doctor must be involved in informing the parents of the prognosis and be supporting, a second doctor must conduct an independent assessment, and the doctors and the parents must make a unanimous decision. Seems fairly reasonable and compassionate to me, which is the basis of the New Testament on which many of the religious and pro-lifers base their moral convictions. I think we have a duty as humans to be humane to all life– this can be a sticky sentiment when it comes to people in extreme pain, like burn victims– so I support infant euthanasia. From someone who is cautiously religious, I think it is selfish to condemn someone/thing to a life of pain because of our own religious convictions. Maybe some would argue that it is not our responsibility to decide, but isn’t that the point of religion? “God” let us live on a painful earth to make our own decisions, where decisions likely would be difficult after original sin. Later, “Jesus” died and was resurrected to offer us forgiveness for anything we had to do on earth after our release from the garden of Eden. No? Well, remember, I said cautiously religious ( raised catholic, attended catholic school, took three years of independent bible study with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, attended both christian and mormon services, dated a Muslim).

Click herefor more information on the Netherlands laws pertaining to late term abortion and infant euthanasia.

The Proper Way To Egg A House And Rude Supermarket Starers


This morning after  waking up, we discovered that some delinquent  somewhere decided to egg our house. If that could even be considered an egging…

So, I’m here to explain to you all how to properly egg a house. Now, I do have to applaud these so-called “house eggers” because they managed to escape without being noticed. They did however get the wrong date to egg our house. If you’re going for the traditional egging, the proper date ( actually the date expected to egg houses) would be October the 31st.  Another thing you did wrong, dear egger, was the fact that you threw only one freaking egg! I will actually go out to buy you a dozen eggs and invite you  to egg my house, if only you learn how to properly egg a house!!! I’ll even throw in a can or two of shaving cream for your next…

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Roomie, It’s Not You, It’s Me

So, in no chronological order, here I am reviewing my old embarrassing blogs. I thought this would be a good place to start. As I deliberated over which hidden* blog posts of my past would be excav…

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I’m Quinta, an university student in Montreal rehashing the writings of my youth. I’ve just quit my job in an effort to fully immerse myself in life (i.e. School, friends, my passions),…

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