Battle Scars

Traditionally, when I hear those two words, a series of images and words flash through my mind- war, peace, wounds, blood, a white flag… Why shouldn’t the things you do, say or hear count too? Those trivial things leave large gleaming white scars- maybe not ones you can see as a reminder or have on display for everyone else to view, but are there just the same. Perhaps, those hurts are more painful in some ways. Nobody knows what you don’t tell them, so the unless you say the words aloud, you’re left alone in a room of darkness and pain. There is nobody to give you stitches because these hurts are to painful to mention. It may seem like you’re sinking into a pit and every shout and struggle draws you in deeper…

Maybe you’ve experienced that? It’s a pretty somber note, I know, but don’t worry it’s not my pain I’m describing in that last paragraph. I met this grumpy old lady on the bus today and I couldn’t help wondering, Why is she such a b—- ? Some pain like I just described might have happened to her in her lengthly life. Or, then again, maybe she’s just an old bag…

Revisiting the Best


Child, I Know You Can Hear Me

How’s my long family week been so far? Ask the rings under my eyes.

My schedule is just thrown way off, I usually wake up around seven-thirty then go to bed around 10 o’clock and I’m usually fine. But,  magnificent discovery! It’s like this every year, at some point, when spring eventually comes, long-awaited, after massive winter storms… You get the point. The sun gets all different. In the winter time you can’t see the sun until 8:30 am – 4pm, but now, the sun is shining at 6 am – 8pm. I think I just need to adjust.

Also, I spent one hour, which felt like a lifetime, entertaining some small children. Now, I like this child but, it seemed like something was wrong in this child’s mind today. In a general attempt to be annoying the child said ” I’m deaf I can’t hear you!” then closed his eyes and flailed his arms around imitating what he thought a blind person looked like. I then sent the child’s older sister home with the homework of teaching her brother what the definition of deaf and blind were.

An Intervention Would Be Nice!

You know you have issues when:

Your local librarian is concerned you don’t have a life. That’s right everyone! As, I began to check out my books today at my local library, I could clearly read the expressions on my librarian’s face as she wondered what type of person could read three books in two days… And then come back to the library those few days later wanting to check out four more books all the while children were splashing in their pools and the days were warm and sunny.

That Awkward Moment When Everything Goes Silent

Have you ever been in a social situation where everyone is talking and laughing and then everything… Goes silent? That happened to me today. I was just siting in the lunchroom explaining to my friends something that I’d said earlier, when everything went silent. Before I knew it, I’d become the center of everyone’s attention because at that moment the two words  ”Big Butt” had tumbled out of my mouth. But, see I hadn’t just said “Big Butt” for the fun of it. It was actually a logical part of the story I was explaining- everyone in the room just didn’t get that… Luckily, my friends saved me from that sticky situation with their peals of laughter.

The Proper Way To Egg A House And Rude Supermarket Starers

This morning, after  waking up, we discovered that some delinquent  somewhere had decided to egg our house. If that could even be considered an egging…

So, I’m here to explain to you all how to properly egg a house. Now, I do have to applaud these so-called “house eggers” because they managed to escape without being noticed. They did however get the wrong date to egg our house- if you’re going for the traditional egging -the proper date ( the date expected for houses to be egged) would be October the 31st.  Another thing you did wrong, dear egger(s), was the fact that you threw only one freaking egg! I will actually go out to buy you a dozen eggs and invite you  to egg my house, if only you learn how to properly egg a house!!! I’ll even throw in a can or two of shaving cream for your next delinquent ventures! Do you know how pathetic it looks to clean one measly egg off a house?!

To read more: search them up in the box at the bottom of this page…

Study Strategies

I always thought that studying was for suckers. I never ever had to study, unless it was a subject I was struggling in. But, now that I’m in high-school and my teachers are all psycho maniacs that decide to give all of our homework and projects on Tuesdays and Thursdays- they haven’t noticed that they do this but, they synchronise- I have to come up with ways to remember all this crap they make us copy in notes and ace quizzes in.

So, with a little encouraging and knowledge from my English teacher I came up with/ borrowed a way to remember and comprehend test elements.

Make acronyms. It’s way easier to remember than sentences and paragraphs of information. If you make and remember a memorable acronym, it will give you that little extra push to begin jogging your memory. For example, I have a social studies quiz tomorrow, I had absolutely no idea what even the test was about. We were given a criteria list of sorts and I stubbled upon the fact that I had to replicate a historic research method chart. To remember it I came up with this:

P E E: hypo-rech-anal-con      (keep in mind all of this was originally in french)

P: 1. Ask/ponder the question (poser la question)

E: 2. Elaborate and research the question (eclarer la question)

– hypo: make a hypothesis (formuler un hypothese); rech:research historical documents (recherche de documents);anal: analysis of said documents (analysise des documents recueillis);con: conclusion of the research (conclut de l’enquete)

E: 3. Explain the question (expliquer la probleme)

Now that I’ve explained to you my homework, I think I should actually go do it…